Craigslist Post Generator: new & improved!

Example screenshot of the Craigslist post generator

Hello Friends,

I just put the final touches on the new Craigslist Post Generator, making it the best that I’ve seen anywhere on the web. ** There are now has 6 colors to choose from. Take your pick from Blue, Gray, Green, Pink, Tan or Peach!

You can also select which aspects of your contact information to include in your Craigslist posts. This is helpful to protect your privacy (phone #, email, etc) from the spammers that scour Craigslist. Of course, your contact information will still show on your tour page on TourVista, like this one:

** If you can find an easier, better Craigslist post generator out there, let us know! We’ll be sure to give you some tour credits for your help =)

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