Blogging Kudos

I wanted to take a moment to recognize some great blogs out there for our consumption in the real estate world. While developing Cool Toors and TourVista over the last 1 1/2 years I’ve appreciated the info these sources have provided me with. I wanted to review them each briefly to share them with our readers. Thank you guys for all your great work!

If you haven’t had a chance to read any of these blogs, I’d recommend you spend some time catching up on your reading! They do a great job providing us all with a wealth of knowledge that can help any of us improve our expertise in the field of real estate marketing.

Update March 2016: Here’s a new blog by Troy at Golden Group that has a lot of useful content for commercial office space.

Future of Real Estate Marketing- by Joel Burslem

  • Incredibly knowledgeable on the subject of online real estate marketing, Joel has been providing us with great insights into the industry.
  • Joel’s position with Inman News gives him access to some of the most influential people in real estate today and his ability to interview and write great blogs has attracted many more industry professionals to seek him out.
  • This blog is packed with important details and great video interviews, is extremely well organized, and also very easy to read – a great combination!

My Tech Opinion– by Reggie Nicolay, NikNik, and Chad Johnson

  • These three provide some great opinions on new technology to help real estate professionals in their business. Whether it’s about a new web tool or a flashlight digi-cam – you can find some valuable nuggets on their blog!
  • It’s great to have a mix of personalities on this blog as the three take turns writing on the blog. As I’m learning, it’s quite difficult to stay fresh and write about something that’s appealing to many different groups.
  • This blog provides a great variety of long and short topics, so checking their site out from time to time leads to many pleasant surprises!

The Real Estate Marketing Blog– by The Internet Marketing Sheriff

  • The Marketing Sheriff has provided me with a lot of “best real estate marketing practices” — what he says is his goal in bringing actual free and useful information to the public. Thank you Sheriff!
  • The Sheriff provides several great blogs on his website dedicated to real estate marketing. There are ample posts and topics to be found on his blog, often daily, but always multiple posts per week.
  • If you are interested in various, useful and free information about real estate marketing, take some time to visit this blog!

There are many great blogs out there from which we can learn a great deal. Sharing information amongst each other is a great way for us all to improve our services and provide value to our customers. This was a sample of a few blogs that have influenced me lately – keep up the great work! If you want to learn even more, here is a recent list from International Listings (Worldwide Luxury Real Estate Specialists Since 2001) of their Top 50 Real Estate Marketing Bloggers – enjoy!

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