Virtual tour statistics now showing in your TourVista account!

Update March 2011: integrate Google Analytics with your virtual tours!

One of the most requested features from our users has been the ability to see a detail of each virtual tour’s traffic.  While your tours have been tracking this information from the day you first created them, the only statistic available to users was the total number of views.  Until now…

It is now possible to view information about every time your virtual tour has been viewed. The virtual tour viewing statistics are updated real-time, meaning you can know exactly when your tour is being viewed and which sites are sending that traffic.  Use this data to make your marketing efforts more effective:

  • date & time of the view
  • virtual tour type – your dedicated property website on TourVista, or Large & Mini widgets that have been embedded on other sites
  • duration of visit – know how long your tours are being viewed!
  • referring URL – the web page the user came from, like your post on Craigslist, your blog, etc.

Note: stats are not counted when you are logged into TourVista and viewing your own tours.

It’s easy to filter your viewing statistics by date. Filter by:

  • today
  • last week
  • last month
  • last 2 months
  • last 3 months
  • all time
  • custom date range

Select "Tour Views" from the drop down menu.
Select “Tour Views” from the drop down menu.

Hope you like. Any suggestions? Let us know.

2 thoughts on “Virtual tour statistics now showing in your TourVista account!

    1. Hi Jean,
      Actually no. When you are logged in to your TourVista account, the views are not counted. A “Direct” view of your tour is if there is no referring URL. That is, the client typed the URL directly into their web browser to view your tour. (They knew the URL in advance.)

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