#13 – Change the currency for a virtual tour’s pricing

TourVista has customers all around the world and our newest update is to change the currency for your tour’s pricing so it is appropriate for your country.

Update 08/09/10: we just added support for Pound Sterling (£) and Yen (¥).

Follow these steps to update your virtual tour’s pricing currency:

  1. Sign in to your TourVista account
  2. Select the virtual tour from My Virtual Tours
  3. Notice the new option for changing currencies next to pricing. Select the appropriate currency.
  4. If your currency is not listed, contact us to request that we add your currency.
  5. Save your virtual tour

The currency will be updated on your dedicated page and also your virtual tour widgets.

Thanks for the suggestion Gabe! We listen to (good) suggestions from our users.  If you have an idea on how TourVista can be improved, let us know!

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