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#16 – Link to Your Website from a Virtual Tour

Now you can easily link your TourVista virtual tours to another website.  When editing your tour, in the description, highlight the text and add the link.  You can choose to link in a new window or the same window. The following screencast shows you how:

#15 – Add HTML to your virtual tour description

Thanks to Jodi of Minnesota for requesting that we add rich text editor to the tour description field.

Rich text editor to quickly format your tour description
Rich text editor to quickly format your tour description

Access the rich text editor by (1) selecting your virtual tour and (2) selecting Property Details.  You’ll see the description box at the bottom of the Property Details page.  Just point, click and edit away!

#14 – Carport option added to Parking Spaces

Thanks to Keisha for suggesting that we add a parking option for “carport”.

Carport option added to virtual tour parking spaces
Carport option added to Virtual Tour Details
Carport option showing on virtual tour page
Carport option showing on Virtual Tour Web Page
Carport option showing on virtual tour widget
Carport option showing on Virtual Tour Widget

Let us know if you have ideas for improving TourVista!

#13 – Change the currency for a virtual tour’s pricing

TourVista has customers all around the world and our newest update is to change the currency for your tour’s pricing so it is appropriate for your country.

Update 08/09/10: we just added support for Pound Sterling (£) and Yen (¥).

Follow these steps to update your virtual tour’s pricing currency:

  1. Sign in to your TourVista account
  2. Select the virtual tour from My Virtual Tours
  3. Notice the new option for changing currencies next to pricing. Select the appropriate currency.
  4. If your currency is not listed, contact us to request that we add your currency.
  5. Save your virtual tour

The currency will be updated on your dedicated page and also your virtual tour widgets.

Thanks for the suggestion Gabe! We listen to (good) suggestions from our users.  If you have an idea on how TourVista can be improved, let us know!

#12 – How to show availability on your virtual tour and community websites

Tutorial on how to set the availability date for your property virtual tours on and also on your Community Website if you have one. Choose from 3 options:

  1. Now – if your property is currently available.
  2. Please Call – if unsure of availability. On your Community Website, this message will show: “Limited availability. Please call to be added to our waitlist.
  3. Not Until Date… – if this property is not available until a certain date in the future, select  and enter that date.

TourVista Launches Custom Websites for Apartment Communities

Many users of TourVista’s virtual tours are apartment communities. Since our inception, we have received a lot of requests from these communities for professional services, ranging from professional photography and videography, to graphic design and custom websites.

We listened.  Today we are happy to announce the addition of TourVista Apartment Community Websites to our suite of products.  In a nutshell, we:

  1. Setup and host a custom website for your apartment community, including your very own branded domain name, like
  2. Brand the website with your logo, colors, and pictures of your community.
  3. Integrate all of your TourVista virtual tours into your website’s Virtual Tours page.
  4. Setup a photo gallery, event calendar, lead generation and resident support forms, and blog, all of which are search engine optimized (SEO) to help your website rank higher in Google, Yahoo! and Bing.
  5. Hand over the keys and teach you how to update the content in-house, saving you time and money versus hiring a professional web developer every time you want to make an update.

Check out live examples of recently launched apartment community websites.

We listen to requests from our users.  In fact, we count on you to help drive the evolution of TourVista.  So don’t be shy if you have an idea that would improve your TourVista experience.  Let us know!

Here’s to a positive and productive season for marketing your properties!

Interactive floor plans are easy to setup, even if you don’t have floor plan graphics

One of the best features of TourVista is the ability to setup interactive floor plans for your properties.  Interactive floor plans consist of arrows on a floor plan graphic for each of your property photos.  Think of it as a “You are here” arrow, showing the viewers of your virtual tour exactly where each photo was taken on a map of the property floor plan.

The benefits of interactive floor plans are numerous.  Your property will stand out compared to the others that only use photos.  In addition, viewers of your virtual tour will gain much more knowledge about your property and get a much better “feel” for the layout.  More knowledge and less guesswork will increase the quality of leads that your virtual tour generates for you.


Example of a floor plan graphic created from a hand-drawn sketch
Example of a floor plan graphic by TourVista, created from a hand-drawn sketch.


TourVista makes it easy to connect your photos to a floor plan, but how do you create a floor plan graphic in the first place? We’ve outlined a step-by-step tutorial for creating floor plan graphics from your sketches using Photoshop.  If you don’t have Photoshop (or you own Photoshop but don’t have the time / skills to do it yourself), TourVista is now offering a service for converting your hand drawn floor plan sketches into graphics.

To get started, we just need a scan or digital photo of your floor plan sketches.  A digital photo of the home blueprint works, too.  The final floor plan graphic is similar in quality and design to the example shown on this post.  If you include room dimensions, we’ll be sure to add those to your graphics (rounded to the nearest foot).

We’ll send you the finished floor plan graphic as a .gif file and also the master Photoshop .psd file.  Allow 48 hours from the time we receive your floor plan sketches/photos.  You are then able to connect your photos to the floor plan like this tutorial demonstrates.

The price for converting your floor plan sketch or digital photo into a graphic is $50 per graphic.  For example, a two story home would cost $100 and floor plan graphics would be created for both floors.  We accept advance payment via PayPal or credit card.

Example of a floor plan graphic created from a hand-drawn sketch. View the virtual tour with interactive floor plan.
Example of a floor plan graphic created from a hand-drawn sketch.
Floor Plan Graphic
Another example of a floor plan


Give our floor plan creation service a shot for one of your virtual tours and we’re sure that you will see the benefits of a better virtual tour and receive higher quality leads.

#11 – Link to your Facebook and Twitter pages from your virtual tours

It’s easy to link your virtual tours on TourVista to your Facebook and Twitter pages.  Just copy/paste the URL (web page address) for your Facebook and Twitter pages into the form on My Account when logged into TourVista.

Connect your virtual tours to your accounts on Facebook and Twitter
Connect your virtual tours to your accounts on Facebook and Twitter

By doing so, your viewers will be able to connect with you in new ways.  Thanks to our friends at for suggesting this latest improvement to TourVista.

#10 – Showing your email address on your virtual tours

Recently a TourVista member requested that his email address be shown with the other contact information on his virtual tours.  This would allow his potential customers to email him directly with one click.  That makes good sense.

We take our member’s suggestions to heart and are pleased to announce the release of this new functionality for TourVista.  Now you have the option to display your email address as a link on your virtual tours.  The email address shown will be the same email you use to login to your TourVista account.

It’s easy to turn this on/off for each of your virtual tours.  Just select “Yes” from the “Show My Email” option when managing the Property Details for your virtual tours, like this:

field for toggling if your email address shows publicly
field for toggling if your email address shows publicly

And here’s how your email address will be shown on your virtual tour:

showing your email address on a virtual tour
showing your email address on a virtual tour

Of course, your potential customers can simply complete the More Information form that shows on all of your virtual tours, which will email you directly while keeping your email address private.

Take note: by publishing your email address, you are increasing the chances that automated spam-sending programs may obtain your email address and send unsolicited emails.

#8 IE bug fixed on custom tour links page (MLS compliant virtual tour links)

It was recently brought to our attention that the custom virtual tour links was not working for Internet Explorer (IE) web browsers. Ah yes, IE, the nemesis of all web developers. 😉 We’ve fixed this. Sorry for the hassle for any of you IE users that experienced this bug when building MLS-compliant links for your virtual tours.

In case you are wondering how to use this nifty feature, watch this 1 minute video tutorial on creating a non-branded / MLS-compliant link for your virtual tour.