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#5: How to setup MLS-compliant links to your virtual tours (non-branded)

TourVista creates a dedicated property website and link for each of your virtual tours. For example, Link to this dedicated property website in your marketing materials to maximize your property views and increase your online brand.

Property sellers: be sure to include your TourVista link in your local MLS and get maximum exposure for your property. Most MLS’s will include this link in their data feed, meaning that your virtual tour link will show on many major real estate search portals.

Some MLS’s restrict the information that you can show online about your properties. TourVista allows you to customize which information is shown ensuring that you are in compliance with your MLS.

This short video gives a demonstration on how to create a non-branded, MLS-compliant link to your virtual tour website:

Create interactive floor plans from your property photos

Interactive floor plans add context to your content, showing your viewers where they are each step of the way as they tour your property online.

One of the main reasons that we created TourVista was to provide more information about properties online. Interactive floor plans are a wonderful way to accomplish this because they allow your viewers to orient themselves as they view each photo. By providing a “You are here” icon for each property photo, you have created a more engaging and memorable experience for your potential customers. Your property will definitely stand out.

Here’s a demo on creating interactive floor plans using TourVista:

Create a free virtual tour in 2 minutes!

A few weeks ago I put the final touches on TourVista’s new and improved Free Virtual Tour.  I’ve never seen a better or more simple interface for setting up a virtual tour (if you have, let me know!). Here’s a video demo of me creating a virtual tour in 2 minutes:

Give it a shot yourself:

The highlights of our new Free Virtual Tour experience:

No account required to get started
Don’t you just hate websites that make you sign up before you can do anything?  We do, too. TourVista allows users to setup and preview a free virtual tour before they create an account.

Save your virtual tour if you like it
Create a free account and your tour will be automatically saved and ready for you to make additional edits and start marketing it immediately.

Really cool preview
3 previews of your tour in the making are displayed on the upload page. Notice as you upload photos that the tour previews update showing thumbnails of your uploaded photos!

3 virtual tours in 1
Every virtual tour created on TourVista is actually 3 virtual tours:

  1. a dedicated website for your property
  2. a large widget
  3. a mini widget

The widgets are portable versions of your virtual tour that you can embed elsewhere on the Internet. Just copy/paste a single line of code to show your virtual tour on other websites.

Ready to hit the market
In less than 2 minutes, your virtual tour is ready to be marketed online.  Craigslist, large & mini widgets, dedicated property website, and more. Of course, you can add tons of additional information about your property including more photos, descriptions, video, and interactive floor plans.