You guys are just great. I wish every company could emulate your customer service model.

Real Estate Agent, Florida

I sold a property this year and the tour TOTALLY helped!

Mark O.
Dunsmuir, California

TourVista was great!

Ontario, Canada

TourVista provides a great service!

Jay F.
Rosemont, Illinois

TourVista is very easy to use and provides great tools to Realtors.

Lucy R.
Realtor in Ontario, Canada

I have used other online tours and TourVista is the best! It's super easy and very affordable.

Gainesville, Florida

TourVista was great. Simple and cheap, and allowed me to show way more of my houses than other websites.

Chris W.
Washington, D.C.

Jenell T.TourVista is GREAT!!
Manager at Brookstone Apartments

Jenell T.
Puyallup, Washington

I absolutely had a BALL working with tourvista. What a great idea!

Jean O.
New Haven, Kentucky

Your system is fantastic and I will use it again if I get the chance. It helped me rent out my home for maximum value and many prospects all thought I was a real estate professional. It almost worked too good as many people asked me if I had other homes available for rent!

I highly recommend this system to anyone and paying the extra fee is well worth it in the end.

Andrew S.
Sarasota, Florida

I love TourVista! It is super easy to use!!!

Sarah C.
Waltham, Massachusetts

TourVista is great. I have an apartment building and I use it for my apartment vacancies which rent out usually in 2-4 weeks. TourVista is great and I will continue using it when needed.

Charlene S.
Syracuse, Indiana

TourVista was very helpful! I loved using it. Thank you!

Elise L.
South Portland, Maine

TourVista was helpful in renting our place. The tour was the key in getting this done!

Mark C.
Cloverdale, Oregon

TourVista has worked very well for me for the last year.

Eve R.
Toronto, Canada

TourVista was great. I was so impressed with how professional it looked after I added my information and photos of the property.

If I ever have another piece of property to market, I will use it again. It's a great site!

Susan B.
Dungannon, Virginia

I have to say TourVista is an exceptional venue and service. I have no doubt that the ad that I placed on TourVista and the related Craigslist ad is what ultimately sold my home. It was very intuitive, easy to use, and reasonably priced... ROI was incredible. I wish I had other properties to sell, so I could continue to play with it. The next time I need to advertise a property, I will be subscribing again.

Thanks & Cheers

Kim G.
Stayton, Oregon

Your Craigslist template worked great. We rented my mom's property out again, very quickly. That's the second time we did it inside of 45 days. This time we actually got a contract signed inside of 25 days.

George K.
Westminster, California

We loved the Craigslist templates. Thanks and we will definitely recommend your service to friends and family.

Judy H.
Sherwood, Oregon

We leased our house in less than 2 weeks after putting the "tour" up on I will definitely come back when it's time to seek a new tenant or buyer.

Kevin L.
Millbrook, Alabama

I really like TourVista. It is a good value and a good product. I now offer floor plans when I list homes.

Elise W.
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Thanks for the quick response! I am really happy with my experience so far -- TourVista is a great service and I'll be telling people about this!

Russell W.
Lawrence, Kansas

Margie I.I love the look of the site and the response so far. We received 11 tips generated from the website already!

Margie I.
Lynchburg, Virginia

Your site and customer service are remarkable.

Stefan S.

My apartment was on Craigslist for 2 weeks with only 1 response. Since using TourVista's Craigslist templates I have gotten 9 leads in 24 hours. I love your website!

Jeremy W.
Tacoma, Washington

People from out of state and other cities really liked it since it was so detailed. The site looks real professional and is easy to use. Good job.

Michelle L.
Albany, Oregon

I am truly grateful for your help...and your website...keep on truckin!

Lynne F.
Kalispell, Montana

Thank you for the great site, and your great service. The TourVista site was instrumental in selling our home. We received many, many comments from those looking at the house raving as to how great this site was to use for touring our home. TourVista is far better than any of the Realtor sites available! Thank you.

Neal K.
Hansville, WA


Patricia G.
Bonney Lake, Washington

I am so thankful for TourVista and what it offers for us…’s the perfect solution for helping us get the info on our bank-owned properties out to people without spending a fortune! I have already recommended it to many of the real-estate agents I know. It’s great!

Caitlin M.
Bank of Missouri

I sold my house in 3 days using TourVista and I'm planning on using it in my Home Staging business.

Ruth G.
Everett, WA

If I can do it, anyone can do it. Thanks! I love TourVista!

Barbara A.
Sacramento, California

Jodi P.No suggestions just a pat on the back for Tour Vista! Of all the real estate tour hosting sites available I'm very happy with the one I chose. Not only an excellent product but outstanding customer service as well. Keep it up!

Jodi P.
St. Cloud, Minnesota