About TourVista

Matt’s Virtual Tour

TourVista was born out of frustration during my own home search. There just wasn’t enough information available online about each home to determine which ones were worth making an in-person visit. I had to make my best guess based on a few photos and a lot of time was wasted in the process. I figured that if I was having this problem, a lot of other home searchers were, too.

So I created TourVista. This website makes it easy for home owners to market their property effectively on the Internet.

Last summer I used TourVista and rented my Seattle condo in 5 days. My virtual tour generated 12 leads and 3 offers to move in site unseen! The best part: when it comes time to rent my condo again, my virtual tour will be ready to go with the click of a button. This saves me time and ensures that I will find a new tenant right away.

Create your tour and use the Craiglist templates. TourVista really works.

All the best,
Matt Cassarino

Founder of TourVista

The original team (L to R): Founder Matt Cassarino, Jason Houghton, Adam Hughes, Amy Hughes. Not pictured Todd Schlosser.

We Used to be So Cool

Originally called Cool Toors, we unveiled our website in 2007 at the University of Washington Business School’s business plan competition. We changed our name to TourVista in 2008 because people kept spelling Cool Toors wrong!

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