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up to 3 tours "ON"
up to 10 tours "ON"
up to 25 tours "ON"
up to 50 tours "ON"
up to 100 tours "ON"
up to 250 tours "ON"
up to 500 tours "ON"
up to 1000 tours "ON"
1000+ tours "ON"
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Pay as you go, cancel anytime.

A monthly fee based on the number of “ON” tours in your account.

What counts as an “ON” tour?

A tour that is visible on the Internet counts as “ON” or online. Setup your tour, then keep it “ON” while you are marketing it.

So, once I’ve sold/rented my property, I should turn the tour “OFF”, right?

You’ve got it. At that point, you can either turn the tour offline and save it for later use, or delete it altogether.

And I don’t have to pay for my tours that are “OFF”?

That’s correct.

Any limit to the number of “OFF” tours?

Nope, your account can hold as many offline tours as you want. Turn them “ON” when it’s time to market each property.

So it’s easy to turn a tour “ON” or “OFF”?

Absolutely, in a single click. Try it out:

OffOn| | |

Cool. Sounds like I should setup a tour for each property that I own.

Yes, that is how TourVista was designed. All of your tours are kept in your account.

What if I manage a 200 unit apartment? Do I have to setup 200 tours?

Actually, it makes more sense to setup a tour for each unique floor plan. When each floor plan becomes available, turn that tour “ON” and market it on Craigslist, Facebook, etc.

You should also check out our apartment websites, which include unlimited tours for free.

Can I use different contact information for each tour?

YES! This has been one of our most requested updates. Now, professional photographers and marketers can easily manage all of their client tours in one account. Yay!

Can I change account plans?

Of course. Based on the number of “ON” tours in your account, you can upgrade or downgrade your account plan as appropriate.

Sounds pretty sweet. What’s the catch?

No catch. Nothing to hide in the fine print. TourVista is awesome marketing software for real estate! Give TourVista a try, we think that you’ll agree.

What about support? Can I actually speak with a real person?

We are here for you! Our support team is based in Seattle, Washington. Call 1 (866) 239-1252 or email

Thanks for considering TourVista for your real estate marketing needs!