New Craigslist Template From TourVista Makes Your Real Estate Listings Pop!

Nov 20th Update: More customizable and no TourVista account required! Visit

In response to our blog post yesterday about Craigslist hammering down on images and styling , we are pleased to release the initial version of our New & Improved Craigslist Template for Real Estate!

While your competition is sprinkling in bold text and bulleted lists to their boring plain text ads, your listings will shine with TourVista’s new Craigslist design.

Here’s a video of the new templates – and if you haven’t already, setup a free account on TourVista and start using our new Craiglist template today!

2 thoughts on “New Craigslist Template From TourVista Makes Your Real Estate Listings Pop!

  1. There needs to be pictures that transfer over. People are not going to want to take the time to copy the link and paste it just to see some pictures. There’s No point in using tour vista and paying for it if it looks like Craigslist. There’s no color and it looks boring.

    1. Ashley, thanks for your comment. Craigslist is no longer allowing photos to be included in the description area (hosted externally on sites like TourVista). Instead, if you want photos you must use the photo uploader on Craigslist which limits to 12 photos.

      By setting up a tour on TourVista, you can include up to 30 photos, a video and interactive floor plans. All of these extras really help your listing stand out and provide a lot more information to prospective residents. In this sense, Craigslist acts as the hook and your tour on TourVista closes the deal.

      Craigslist no longer allows links in the ads either. (They are really cracking down on their guidelines!) But it still makes sense to include your URL so people can easily visit your website. Most people know how to copy/paste the URL into their browser. Or they can simply type it into their browser or Google.

      We’ve found that a majority of people will go beyond the Craigslist ad to learn more about a property. For the cases that are not copy/paste the URL, usually they will Google the property name, so it’s imperative that your website ranks #1 in Google its name.

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