Create a free virtual tour in 2 minutes!

A few weeks ago I put the final touches on TourVista’s new and improved Free Virtual Tour.  I’ve never seen a better or more simple interface for setting up a virtual tour (if you have, let me know!). Here’s a video demo of me creating a virtual tour in 2 minutes:

Give it a shot yourself:

The highlights of our new Free Virtual Tour experience:

No account required to get started
Don’t you just hate websites that make you sign up before you can do anything?  We do, too. TourVista allows users to setup and preview a free virtual tour before they create an account.

Save your virtual tour if you like it
Create a free account and your tour will be automatically saved and ready for you to make additional edits and start marketing it immediately.

Really cool preview
3 previews of your tour in the making are displayed on the upload page. Notice as you upload photos that the tour previews update showing thumbnails of your uploaded photos!

3 virtual tours in 1
Every virtual tour created on TourVista is actually 3 virtual tours:

  1. a dedicated website for your property
  2. a large widget
  3. a mini widget

The widgets are portable versions of your virtual tour that you can embed elsewhere on the Internet. Just copy/paste a single line of code to show your virtual tour on other websites.

Ready to hit the market
In less than 2 minutes, your virtual tour is ready to be marketed online.  Craigslist, large & mini widgets, dedicated property website, and more. Of course, you can add tons of additional information about your property including more photos, descriptions, video, and interactive floor plans.

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