#20 – Social Media Improvements to Our Blog

Social Media Icons from SharebarHey All,

We’ve given our real estate marketing blog some much needed love by adding a few cool social media improvements:

  1. Notice on the left the super cool social media share box.  This makes it a breeze to share a great blog post with your social network.  And check out what happens when you scroll the page down… how cool is that!  Thanks Sharebar for the great WordPress plugin.
  2. Next we added a list of Related Posts at the bottom of each post.  A great way to showcase useful and related content on our blog.
  3. In the Comments section there is checkbox for staying in the loop as comments are posted to a conversation — cool.
  4. And last but not least, at the bottom of each blog post we’ve included links to the next and previous posts for easy browsing.

Now, admittedly, none of the above is that impressive (well, the sharebar one is pretty slick), but the point is (a) that we are continually working to improve our website and blog, and (b) that there are some social media improvements in the works for your virtual tours at TourVista.com.

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